Strong marketing programs and the collateral that fuel them are essential to support a successful sales team. Managing, customizing, and distributing these marketing materials takes time, energy, and money. Companies looking to lower related costs and drive revenue can look to marketing asset management tools.

What is Marketing Asset Management?

In the world of marketing asset management tools, an asset is any digital document that is used for marketing purposes. Marketing asset management is the process of effectively controlling those assets, creating a single source of truth relative to marketing, and enabling instant access to those assets which may include images, graphics, layouts, PDF files, and video clips. Companies that understand the value of marketing asset management use digital asset management solutions to centralize access for easy editing and sharing with salespeople or customers.

Marketing asset management brings together people, processes, and files to make marketing and sales workflows—including collaboration, content review and approval, brand management, and version control—more streamlined and efficient.

Here are three ways that enterprise-level marketing asset management tools lower costs and drive revenue:

Aligning Sales and Marketing

Marketing asset management tools serve to create the alignment between sales and marketing that is essential to drive revenue. When both teams have access to the same collateral in real time and in one location, it is easy for the sales team to give feedback to the marketing team about what tools are working or not working for them. The marketing team can then use that feedback to make any necessary changes to the collateral, or to create new tools, and ultimately, give the sales team exactly what they need to succeed.

Reduce Waste

Companies that need to distribute large quantities of catalogs or brochures often suffer from waste that cuts into profits. Marketing asset management tools stop this cycle of waste. They empower you to deliver your marketing collateral when you want it, thereby allowing you to maximize revenue.

Instead of going into a meeting with a customer empty handed or with outdated collateral, a sales representative can print the latest version just in time for an appointment. By being able to print collateral on demand, you eliminate waste while increasing the value of the collateral.

Accelerate Sales

The less time a sales representative spends searching for collateral and assembling what they need, the more time they can spend selling. Because marketing asset management tools house all the collateral that a sales representative needs in one centralized location, it’s easy for them to find what they need when they need it. They don’t have to search in multiple locations or create new content. And, through the customization features in an asset management tool, they can quickly personalize that collateral so that it has a greater impact on the customer. Put this all together and you have an efficient and well-prepared sales representative who is positioned to meet their sales goals.

In this article, we’ve share just three of the many ways that marketing asset management tools drive revenue. To learn more about the benefits of a using single repository for digital and traditional marketing assets, read our white paper: How Marketing Asset Management Tools Drive Revenue.

Drive Revenue with Lower Costs Utilizing ImageMark’s ResourceONE®

Our clients find that not only does ResourceONE® give them easy access to their assets, it also allows them to easily manage the design, tightly control their brand, and give greater access to their marketing and sales tools. Whether the customer is a small local company or a large multinational company, ResourceONE® gives them granular control.

Ready to unlock the value of your digital assets while reducing the cost of managing them? At ImageMark, our team is ready to partner with you to help you take full advantage of our marketing asset management tool, ResourceONE®.

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