Due to today’s competitive market, it has become increasingly challenging for businesses to leave a lasting impression of their brand on consumers. However, investing in high-quality printed materials can set businesses apart from the competition, helping to retain a loyal base and attract new customers.

ImageMark offers commercial printing services that can add exceptional value and quality to your business. Recognizing the importance of attention to detail, we provide custom design services to meet the specific requirements of each project, and our experienced team has the creative flair needed to bring our customers’ unique visions to life.

From the initial concept to project completion, our streamlined processes optimize efficiency and accuracy. With our technical proficiency and industry knowledge, ImageMark can help customers navigate every step of the printing process, saving valuable time.

By choosing ImageMark for your commercial printing needs, you gain a trusted partner committed to exceeding your expectations. Whether you need brochures, postcards, or other printed materials, we will deliver exceptional results for your business. Learn more about our commercial printing services in Charlotte, NC.


Wide format printing services can produce high-quality, large-scale images and graphics used for:

Compatible Substrates

While a standard desktop printer can only handle small projects, a specialized printer designed for wide format printing can create significantly larger prints. In addition, wide format printers can handle a broad range of flexible or rigid substrates, such as:

  • Aluminum
  • PVC
  • Canvas
  • Paper
  • Vinyl

Wide format printing can create high-resolution prints with sharp details and vibrant colors, ideal for producing visually appealing graphics that attract attention, even from afar.

Types of Ink Used in Wide Format Printing Services

At ImageMark, we use area latex and ultraviolet (UV) cured inks for the best results. Wide format printers can utilize different technologies, such as:

  • Inkjet Printers

    Inkjet Printers

    This is the most commonly used type of wide format printer. The printhead sprays small drops of ink onto the substrate.

  • Solvent-Based Printers

    Solvent-Based Printers

    This type of printer uses inks containing solvents to allow for printing on a wider variety of materials, providing outdoor resistance and enhanced durability.

Large-format design software can help design and modify graphics. Once completed, the final files get sent to the printer in a machine-specific compatible format. Wide format printing is an effective, versatile process that can produce large-scale prints for branding, promotional purposes, and visual communication in outdoor and indoor environments.


Web to print services (also called web2print, print ecommerce, or digital storefront) utilize an innovative software program that allows marketing departments to create, produce, and manage their own marketing materials, helping to maintain a consistent brand appearance.

ImageMark’s ResourceONE® platform provides commercial printing capabilities to our customers through digital storefronts. Marketing materials created on web to print design platforms can include any type of product, from small runs of business cards to large wide format banners.

Digital Printing Services – Web to Print Services

Types of Digital Printing

Digital printing can provide an ideal solution for low- to mid-volume orders of brochures, booklets, labels, business cards, and flyers. Subsets of digital printing services include the following methods:

  • Inkjet
  • Laser
  • Liquid Toner / Dry Toner
Types of Digital Printing

The Printing Process

Printing plates are no longer required when using digital printing methods. Computers can print images directly on the substrate, making the process much easier and faster than traditional printing methods, as there are no stages between the printing process and the final printed image.

To prepare an image for digital printing, we follow these three steps:

Step 1

The image gets created with all digital artifacts removed. It is then cropped to the subject’s minimum size to ensure quality is not lost when printing.

Step 2

The image is sized to the largest area possible on the selected material so that it retains its quality during printing.

Step 3

The image files are formatted to a compatible file type and then sent to the printer. Using high-quality file formats help keep the image as clear and crisp as possible.

To transfer the image to the selected substrate, the ink creates a thin layer on the surface. This allows adherents to be added via heating or curing techniques to make the image more permanent. The digital printing process also conserves more energy compared to traditional printing methods, bypassing many of the extra processes commonly used in regular printing. For these reasons, digital printing is a more environmentally friendly option than other printing methods.

Digital Printing Machines

Digitally printed products can be less expensive than traditionally printing at certain quantities. Products often created using digital printing include:

  • Highly Personalized
    Direct Mail
  • Business Cards
  • Postcards
  • Flyers
  • Newsletters

Benefits of Digital Printing

The benefits of digital printing include but are not limited to the following:

Quicker Printing Process Allows Variable Images & Customized Copy
Order Volume Can Vary from a Single Item to a Large Run
Less Expensive to Set up & Operate


The offset lithography printing process follows the simple principle that ink and water do not mix. In this process, image information (text and art) is placed on thin metal plates dampened by ink and water on rollers. The water goes toward the non-image area, and the oil-based ink adheres to the image area. The inked area is then transferred to a blanket (rubber cylinder) and then onto the substrate while it passes around the cylinder.

The technique is “offset” because, unlike digital printing, the image does not transfer directly from the printing plates to the substrate but instead is transferred first to an intermediary surface.

Imagemark’s Commercial Print Services in Charlotte, Nc
Imagemark’s Commercial Print Services in Charlotte, Nc


Partnering with ImageMark can provide customers with superior benefits for their marketing prorduction needs. We have extensive experience in digital and offset printing services that produce high-quality, stunning graphics that make a memorable impression.

Our state-of-the-art technologies, printing equipment, and commitment to using top-quality materials create sharp details, vibrant colors, and exceptional durability in prints for both indoor and outdoor applications. ImageMark provides exceptional customer service and personalized solutions, working hand in hand with clients to deliver tailored results that meet specific requirements.

Whether you need striking signage, eye-catching banners, or dynamic trade show displays, partnering with ImageMark means you’ll have a trusted ally in creating visually engaging marketing materials that will help you stand out among your competition. Contact us today to turn your ideas into reality.