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Custom Printing Services

In a highly digitized world, custom printed material continues to play a crucial role in marketing communications. High-quality printing allows a brand to distinguish its message from others. At ImageMark, we specialize in five areas: direct mail services, kitting and packaging, promotional products, web to print, and wide format printing.

Direct Mail Services

Direct mail is an effective marketing channel. Numerous studies indicate that up to 90% of direct mail is opened. This is because the print market is widely considered to be a trustworthy communication channel.

Direct mail is any marketing material sent directly to businesses and consumer residences. It is wide-ranging in form, consisting of postcards, newsletters, flyers, catalogs, letters, and brochures. Direct mail services are available to any organization, whether it is a nonprofit, big or small business, political entity, retailer, manufacturer, or financial institution. In most cases, direct mail is an efficient use of investment, and even a modest response can generate a return on investment.

Direct mail provides five key benefits:

  • Higher response rates: Direct mail has a higher response rate than other forms of advertising. Direct mail response rates typically range from 2.7% to 4.4%, compared to less than 1% for email marketing clickthrough rates.
  • More personalization: Direct mail can be more personalized than other advertising media. According to a study by Epsilon, 59% of respondents indicated that they like receiving mail from known brands about new offers and products.
  • Highly targeted: Mailing lists can be highly targeted. This goes beyond just location — it can include multiple demographics and psychographics such as occupation, purchase preferences, age, and more.
  • Offers more creativity: Direct mail allows much more creativity and interactivity than digital advertising. Direct mail materials allow marketers to use specific textures, sizes, finishing glosses, an interactive flip book, and more.
  • Quicker ROI: Most digital advertising campaigns require large upfront costs just to start analyzing trends. Direct mail is simpler and offers quicker returns. According to Data & Marketing Association, direct mailing offers an average ROI of about 29%.
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Kitting and Packaging Services

Kitting is the process of assembling a package of several components into a single kit. Kitting is intentionally designed to maximize efficiency on assembly lines and to prepare packages for bulk shipping to end users. Kitting and packaging can be for business-to-business and business-to-consumer operations.

Hiring a kitting service is common across a multitude of industries. Using a third-party kitting partner provides a variety of benefits:

  • Helps companies focus on core business: Like any outsourcing service, a kitting and packaging partner can free up your in-house staff to focus on other goals. Mastering the ins and outs of kitting can be a lengthy, complicated process, but hiring a trusted vendor can simplify things.
  • Reduces overhead costs: Managing your kitting and packaging needs in-house raises overhead costs. It requires warehouse space, employees, and materials like tape, glue, and other packaging products. In-house kitting can also put strains on scalability. A reliable kitting partner will minimize costs and have processes in place to help you scale smoothly.
  • Minimizes shipping errors: As kitting and packaging partners are masters of their trade, you can expect to see fewer errors than kitting on your own. Most kitting companies have systems in place to ensure your products are delivered accurately and on time.
Kitting and Packaging Services

Promotional Product Services

Promotional products are great for both existing customers and for attracting prospective customers. Effective promotional products can enhance brand awareness, boost sales, and grow an audience in the long term. Given out as complimentary items, they are typically used to promote an upcoming event, new product, or limited-time offer. They can be distributed at marketing events, trade shows, and direct mail kits.

Promotional products can also be given to employees. These items usually bear the company’s logo. They are thoughtful thank yous to your hard-working team and help build morale within the business.

Promotional products provide these key benefits:

  • Reusability: Promotional products can be used again and again. Unlike a business card that may get lost in a drawer, a functional promotional product can provide long-lasting brand awareness. Up to 91% of households have at least one promotional item in their kitchen.
  • Greater reach: 83% of people enjoy receiving a free item. By giving away a promotional product as opposed to a traditional advertisement, the recipient is far more likely to remember your brand and become a customer.
  • Creates brand favorability: Brand favorability is greater than brand awareness. By receiving a freebie, prospective customers are more likely to have a favorable opinion of your brand.
  • Creates more interest at events: If your booths aren’t attracting enough foot traffic, free giveaways of promotional products are a great way to lure people to your business.
Promotional Product Services

Web to Print Services

Web to print, also called a digital storefront, is a software that makes it easier for businesses to manage materials and control the consistency of their branding. The software is a one-stop shop for all printing options, including postcards, banners, stands, and more. It is a single location for managers to see what is available with their preferred partner. The ImageMark ResourceONE® is our web to print software.

The software makes designing a simple process. Clients can store preferred images and use them for various printing options. This simplifies the design process, allowing clients to quickly prototype possible marketing materials. Web to print is especially helpful for large organizations that have several locations, multiple documents that need to be accessed by numerous people, or documents that are frequently updated.

ImageMark ResourceONE® is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Users can quickly select their desired items and place orders. For customized content, dynamic proofing allows an instant approval process prior to placing the item in the shopping cart. Orders can be easily paid at the time of submission or accumulated into a billing cycle.

Web to Print Services

Wide Format Printing Services

Wide format printing is the process of printing on large scale materials with industrial printers. Generally, this entails printing with a width of 18 to 100 inches. Wide format printing is commonly done for banners, posters, point-of-sale exhibits, presentation backdrops, large format art, and window decals. Compared to other types of marketing materials, these large-scale printed materials have the most dramatic, eye-catching effect on your audience.

Wide format printing provides these advantages:

  • High-impact marketing: The larger the printed material, the more people will see it and have higher levels of engagement.
  • Long-lasting, low-cost: As most wide format printing is intended for outdoor and long-term use, it typically uses durable materials, such as those that are resistant to UV exposure and other weather conditions. While this will have higher upfront costs, wide format printing is likely to have a cheaper cost per engagement ratio.
Wide Format Printing Services

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ImageMark offers a full suite of services which includes all the capabilities required to take your project from concept to fruition. We have invested in our team and equipment over the years at the direction of our client’s growth. We grow with our client’s needs, making us the partner of choice that withstands time.

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