The offset lithography printing process follows the simple principle that ink and water do not mix. In this process, image information (text and art) is placed on thin metal plates dampened by ink and water on rollers. The water goes toward the non-image area, and the oil-based ink adheres to the image area. The inked area is then transferred to a blanket (rubber cylinder) and then onto the substrate while it passes around the cylinder.

The technique is “offset” because, unlike digital printing, the image does not transfer directly from the printing plates to the substrate but instead is transferred first to an intermediary surface.

Imagemark’s Commercial Print Services in Charlotte, Nc
Imagemark’s Commercial Print Services in Charlotte, Nc


Partnering with ImageMark can provide customers with superior benefits for their marketing prorduction needs. We have extensive experience in digital and offset printing services that produce high-quality, stunning graphics that make a memorable impression.

Our state-of-the-art technologies, printing equipment, and commitment to using top-quality materials create sharp details, vibrant colors, and exceptional durability in prints for both indoor and outdoor applications. ImageMark provides exceptional customer service and personalized solutions, working hand in hand with clients to deliver tailored results that meet specific requirements.

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