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With the COVID-19 pandemic came the rise of telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM). Specifically, recent research by JAMA Internal Medicine found that Medicare billing for RPM saw a 555% increase between January 1, 2018, to September 30, 2021.

To help support remote patient monitoring and telehealth, medical kitting services are a necessity for healthcare providers. However, many providers are uncertain about the future of telehealth and RPM as the effects of the pandemic subside and patients have access to in-person care. The fact is that recent technological advances in medical kitting services, wearables, and other solutions continue to improve virtual care.

Learn what experts have to say about the future of post-pandemic remote patient monitoring and telehealth.

Why Patients Opt for Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth

A 2020 Accenture survey of patients who used different types of virtual care tools amid the COVID-19 pandemic discovered that 60% of them intend to continue using virtual care solutions after the pandemic. The specific reasons they gave for continuing to use virtual care tools included the ability to make care more convenient, personal, and timely.

Virtual care solutions eliminate the issues that providers may not consider when formatting their care, including patients’ need to take time off from work to visit a facility or sit in potentially stress-inducing waiting rooms. According to the aforementioned survey, 90% of patients actually found the care they received through virtual tools to be just as good as or superior to the in-person care they received before the pandemic.

This survey and other research reveal the staying power of remote patient monitoring in healthcare, as providers can use it to more effectively meet the needs of their patients and make full use of virtual care tools. Remote patient monitoring ultimately makes it easier for physicians to provide exceptional care to patients in a world where many of these professionals struggle to manage all their patients and become overworked. RPM and virtual care will allow for better overall care, reduce expenses for providers, and maximize the accessibility of care for all patients.

The Growing Need for Medical Kitting and Fulfillment

Healthcare providers and suppliers of first aid kits have had to work harder to meet the growing demand for healthcare products in the home. With the need for medical kitting services and home healthcare devices, a growing number of healthcare and pharmaceutical companies are relying on production implementation providers to help provide patients with at-home healthcare devices, testing kits, and medicine.

Although many business owners find the idea of cutting down on warehouse storage and order fulfillment appealing, there are no shortcuts when it comes to shipping healthcare devices, medical kits, at-home tests, or DNA kits. With the help of a dependable production implementation services provider, healthcare companies can rest assured that their medical devices and other healthcare kitting products are accurately shipped and stored carefully.

Effective fulfillment in the healthcare industry is crucial to a great patient experience. Production implementation services can achieve this by managing warehousing, inventory management, and safe and timely order delivery.

If you’re still unsure whether working with a production implementation services partner for medical kitting services is worth the investment, consider the following benefits of these partnerships:

  • Discover ways to make distribution more efficient, resulting in reduced costs.
  • Give customers a consistently excellent brand experience.
  • Provide your employees with more time to focus on business growth and product development.
  • Kitting Considerations for Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth

    Healthcare providers and production implementation providers alike must adhere to the laws in place for handling healthcare products, including medical records, prescriptions, and other sensitive information. Companies must maintain the privacy of patients and compliance with all rules and regulations in this industry.

    Additionally, hospitals and patients require timely delivery of healthcare products to provide the necessary care. You must ensure your company and any partner you work with maintains timely delivery services for all healthcare products.

    Another consideration is the environment under which various healthcare products must be stored and shipped. Items like biologics and vaccines need suitable environmental conditions to maintain potency, so they must be stored and transported at the right temperatures. These requirements make it important to ask potential providers about the steps they would take to protect these sensitive products.

    Learn More About Medical Kitting Services

    Working with a dependable production implementation services partner that understands the needs of the changing healthcare industry will help you keep your customers and patients healthy and happy. One way we can help at ImageMark is through our medical kitting services, which efficiently and accurately package multiple products into a single convenient kit. Our kitting solutions make it easy to prepare orders for bulk shipments and deliver products with consistent timeliness and care.

    For more information about our kitting services and other fulfillment solutions, contact us today.

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