Welcome your new team members with an exciting new hire kit from ImageMark.

This collection of essential items not only introduces them to your company culture, values, and expectations but also includes practical tools to help them smoothly transition into their role.

Make their first days memorable and engaging with an impactful new hire kit in Charlotte NC from ImageMark!


Set the Stage for Success

Creating a welcoming environment for your new hires is crucial to their success and integration into your company.

The first few days on the job can be overwhelming, so providing them with the tools and resources that promote a sense of belonging and set the stage for long-term success is crucial.

A well-thought-out new hire kit can significantly affect how quickly new team members feel comfortable and productive.

Consider including the following items in your new hire kit:

  • A personalized welcome letter from company executives or team members expressing excitement and support.
  • Company swag such as t-shirts, water bottles, or notebooks to foster a sense of pride and belonging.
  • Detailed information about company values, mission statement, and culture will help them understand what the organization stands for.
  • A calendar with important dates, such as upcoming team events, training sessions, and company holidays, to help them plan and integrate into the team activities.

Additionally, consider adding a few more personalized touches, like a list of recommended local eateries or coffee shops near the office and a brief introduction to the primary team members they will be working closely with.

These thoughtful details can go a long way in making your new hires feel valued and welcomed from day one.

Navigate Your Way Around

Getting familiar with a new workplace can be daunting. Help your new employees navigate their way by providing useful resources and tools in their new hire kit.

  • Map of the office layout with key areas labeled (e.g. break room, restroom, conference rooms)
  • List of important contacts, including HR representatives and managers
  • Company directory or organizational chart
  • Guide to company technology and software used in their role

Prepare for Success

Set your new hires up for success by providing them with the necessary tools and information to excel.

  • Employee handbook outlining company policies and procedures
  • Training materials specific to their job duties
  • Tips from current employees on how to be successful at the company
  • List of recommended resources for further learning or development opportunities

Connect with Your Team

Building relationships with coworkers is crucial for a positive work experience

Encourage team bonding by including items in your new hire kit that promote connection and collaboration.

  • Fun icebreaker activities or team-building exercises
  • Invitation to a company-wide social event or happy hour
  • List of common interests or hobbies shared by team members for potential conversation starters
  • Company newsletter highlighting recent accomplishments and upcoming initiatives

Show your team members that they are valued and appreciated from day one with a fantastic new hire kit in Charlotte, NC from ImageMark. Contact us today to get started!