ImageMark Business Services, Inc. Strengthens Direct Mail Offerings with the Acquisition of Alpha Printing and Mailing

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GASTONIA, NC – In an exciting consolidation of expertise and technology, ImageMark Business Services, Inc., a pioneer in integrated print and marketing solutions based in Gastonia, NC, has officially announced its acquisition of Alpha Printing and Mailing. This union is set to revolutionize direct mail marketing, promising even quicker turn times and enhanced capabilities for clients.

ImageMark’s progressive investment in digital printing technology has positioned them as the preferred partner for marketers who are keen on variable data printing options. Merging with Alpha Printing and Mailing, a trusted partner with advanced machinery and a skilled team, is a strategic move to further boost efficiency and turn times for direct mail campaigns.

Walter Payne, CEO of ImageMark, said, “This acquisition is more than just a merging of two companies; it’s about harnessing the power of both entities to redefine what’s possible in the direct mail sector. With ImageMark’s strengths in digital printing and the additional capacity that the Alpha Mail team and equipment bring, clients can expect unparalleled speed, precision, and innovation for their direct mail projects.”

Both firms have been praised for their respective strengths: ImageMark’s forward-thinking approach to print solutions and Alpha’s reputation in mailing services. This integration not only ensures the retention of the excellence both companies are known for but also paves the way for an enhanced direct mail experience for clients.

About ImageMark Business Services, Inc.:

Founded in 1924, ImageMark Business Services, Inc. is a leading provider of specialized printing, direct mail, and packaging services. With a commitment to innovation and unmatched quality, ImageMark has catered to a broad spectrum of clients, delivering value and results every step of the way.

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Five Elements That Make Print Shine

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In the ever-evolving marketing world, getting caught up in the digital buzz is easy. However, there’s a timeless charm to a well-executed print campaign that captures attention and makes a lasting impression. Print has unique qualities that can elevate your direct mail efforts. Let’s look at five elements that make print special.

1. Texture: The Tactile Experience

One of the most alluring aspects of print is its tactile nature. The feel of a quality paper stock can engage the senses in a way that digital can’t replicate. When recipients run their fingers over textured paper, it adds depth and memorable character to your message.

2. Scent: Evoke Emotions

Print has the unique ability to incorporate scents, turning a piece of mail into a multi-sensory experience. Infusing your direct mail piece with a relevant fragrance can evoke powerful emotions and trigger memories. For example, imagine the power of a bakery sending out mailers with the delightful scent of freshly baked bread!

3. Color: Vibrant and Impactful

Print allows you to use a rich palette of colors to capture attention and convey your brand’s personality. Unlike the limitations of digital screens, print can reproduce colors with a vividness and precision that captures emotion, not just attention.

4. Incorporation of Video Through QR Codes

QR codes enable you to bridge the gap between print and digital by providing a direct link to video content. This interactive element allows recipients to engage with your message dynamically, providing a unique blend of the physical and digital worlds. QR Codes can do more than send people to web pages. They can launch emails, make phone calls, and add events to recipients’ marketing calendars.

5. Dimension in a 3D World

Print isn’t confined to a flat screen. It has depth. Die-cutting, embossing, or even folding techniques can create dimensional elements that demand attention. When your direct mail piece pops out of the envelope or unfolds unexpectedly, it surprises and engages the recipient, making your message unforgettable.

Even in today’s digital world, direct mail holds a special place in buyers’ hearts. You can impact recipients at multiple levels by leveraging these five key attributes. So, don’t forget about direct mail next time you create your marketing calendar.